Equipment videos

Operating the Classen Turf Seeder

See how to start, operate and transport the Classen Turf Seeder. Overseeding your lawn helps it withstand insects, drought, and heavy traffic.

Classen Aerators

The Classen line of turf aerators include walk-behind, tow-behind, and riding models. The Stand-Aer® ride-on aerator and Split-Drive aerator models are designed to turn without lifting the tines out of the ground for non-stop aeration. See the line of Classen aerators at

Z-Spray Z-Plug

The Z-Plug is the first and only stand-on, zero-turn aerator. Its revolutionary design addresses the slow and labor intensive job of aeration.

Powered by a 19 hp Kawasaki with ground speeds up to 8 M.P.H., the Z-Plug can cover 60,000 to 80,000 square feet per hour and produce 2 to 3-1/2” core depth. The full floating tine head can maneuver around trees and beds while engaged. A 2000 lbs. hydraulic lift picks the tine head up in 2.0 seconds. Swivel and pin attach points make removing and mounting attachments quick and easy. This also allows for 30 degrees of pivot left to right for steering in the down position, excellent for tree rings and wavey beds.


The ReDefiner will save your company time and money. This light, maneuverable machine makes easy work of maintaining beds that have already been formed with Brown Products' popular BedMaster. Even lighter and more transportable than the BedMaster, the ReDefiner can be loaded and unloaded with ease, allowing the user to easily maintain pre-existing beds.

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Walker Super B with Blade

The Walker Super B is excellent machinery for snow removal.

Walker Mowers ¦ Grass Handling Options ¦ English

Walker Mowers Grass handling options, high dump, power dump, no-catch deflector, removable dump bins, dump bag, GHS exhaust screen with large holes.

GHS-Walker Mower/Buffalo Turbine

Walker Hurricane Debris Blower

Use this debris blower to rid the leaves surrounding your home!

Wright Mowers

Wright Commercial Mowers 30 Second Video.