Grass Handling Ideas

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Green Hop'r LLC

Commercial lawn care equipment, yard maintenance equipment, and debris removal trucks and trailers. Visit their website!

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Leaf Vac mount front of dump trailer - see Emmett Equipment for a Leaf Vac - your local welder/fabricator for mounting.

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Custom ramp from trailer onto dump truck - see your local welder/fabricator.

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25 HP Leaf Vac mounted between cab and dump body. See Emmett Equipment for Leaf Vac- your local truck up-lifter for dump body.

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Custom ramp from trailer onto flat bed dump - see your local welder/fabricator.

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25 HP Leaf Vac mounted to trailer towed by pick-up truck withTruckCraft insert dump bed with TC160 Leaf Box.

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25 HP Leaf Vacmounted to trailer towed by pick-up truck with TruckCraft insert dump bed with TC160 Leaf Box

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Towable Leaf Vac, contact Emmett Equipment Co. Tarp Rails and Tarp by

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High Dump Kit from Walker Manufacturing. Sometimes we have used ones!


The BioPac'r compacts clippings and converts “Grass-2-Cash” by saving landscapers labor and fees by eliminating landfill trips, creating a safe, sustainable livestock feed that is sold to Farmers, Dairies or Feedlots and has a three year shelf life! See Bio Pac'r website for more details

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TC-150 Leaf Express (On TC121. ) Towable.

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Aluminum stake body dump from Scott Manufacturing & 27 hp truck loader from Little wonder

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TruckCraft tc121 aluminum insert dump with truck craft tc160 leaf topper, 10 cuyd capacity.Little wonder 18 hp truck loader mounted on hitch receiver swing away.

See Emmett equipment to purchase all.

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Grass clippings : Removable Bins fit Walker 9.5 & 10 bu catcher box. See your walker dealer

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HS Series Side Dump Combination Trailer. See more details atMidsota Manufacturing's website.

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Combo Dump 6' box & 16' Rear floor, 5' spring assist gate, 7K axles side of box swings to back, two way door for dump.

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