The TC – 121 ULTRA


The TC – 121 ULTRA has been engineered from the ground up to provide users with years of maintenance free service.

The body and frame are designed and constructed entirely of aluminum and stainless steel to provide durability and resistance to rust and corrosion. TruckCraft’s innovative use of aluminum alloy extrusions welded to sheet aluminum enables them to offer a pickup dump insert that is 300 – 350 lbs. lighter than comparable steel units. The result is a unit that weighs less, hauls more payload, and will be less expensive to operate and maintain. This classy accessory for your pickup is available at Emmett Equipment Company

TC-121 Ultra

  • Rigid Floor of Extruded Aluminum – The floor is constructed of aluminum alloy plank extrusions that provide rigid reinforcement every 5″. This “tongue and groove” design, proven in roll-back car carriers, keeps the floor from deflecting under heavy loads and eliminates the “washboard effect” seen in light-duty sheet-bed models.
  • Aluminum Rails add Overall Strength – The TC-121 design utilizes a polished and fluted aluminum alloy extrusion on the top box rail of the body sides, and the top and bottom of the tailgate. This provides maximum strength at a minimum weight while adding a cool accessory to your truck.
  • Low Floor Height – only 3-1/4″ above the pickup bed – The 2.4 cubic yard payload loaded in the TC – 121 is positioned only 3-1/4 inches above your pickup floor. This safety feature adds greater volume and keeps the vehicle’s center of gravity low. It also reduces the height that heavy objects must be lifted into the bed.
  • All Aluminum Bed – 48 1/8″ x 98″ – The bed holds a full sheet of plywood with the tailgate closed. The side board installation kit used with your boards will increase the volumetric capacity from 2.5 to 5+ cubic yards.
  • Three-way Tailgate – The TC-121 tailgate has a paddle latch and can be opened and closed with just one hand. The gate can easily be removed for complete access. Control chains can be adjusted in any position for using the tailgate as a spreader.
  • 3 Stage Telescopic Lift and Cab Protector – The ULTRA hoist system utilizes a heavy duty, three stage, telescopic cylinder with chromed rod sections. The hoist has been custom designed by TruckCraft to lift 7,000 lbs. to a 47 degree dump angle in just 18 seconds. The aerodynamic cab protector (shown) provides low wind resistance and great visibility. The cab protector and a full tarp system are options that can be easily added to the TC-121 at any time.
  • Power Unit and Standard Remote Dump Control – A compact, one-piece MONARCH®power unit is factory mounted under the tub in close proximity to the hoist cylinder. The remote control buttons activate the motor/hydraulic pump from within the cab, or up to 12 feet away. One 12 volt battery cable (supplied) is the only electrical connection required.
  • 150 amp reset able in-line circuit breaker – safeguards power in, and allows manually switching off power under truck hood to disable unattended insert.
  • The TC-121 comes with a 2 year limited warranty
  • Insert weight- 6 1/2′- 431lbs, 8′- 479lbs
  • 2 Hour installation