TC-101 Magnum Steel Inserts



A new productivity tool from TruckCraft makes your pickup truck a working dump truck.

If you’re scratching your head and wondering what the real differences in pickup dump inserts are, you should check out the features of TruckCraft’s TC-101 MAGNUM.

The big question – how much can it dump? Let’s face it, if it dumps wimpy it’s because it’s designed wimpy. The dump capacity of MAGNUM is 6,200 lbs, and it is backed with a three year limited warranty, including the MONARCH™ power unit, to give you confidence it will dump 6,200 lbs everyday, period. The muscle doing the heavy lifting is the U.S.A.- made three stage telescopic cylinder. It has premium chromed rod sections and aluminum glands with internal wear bands, premium components to be sure, and though you don’t see them, they are just two of the many designed-in reasons for long life and excellent performance of TruckCraft dump inserts.

Check out the powder coat finish. As you probably already know, preparation is everything in powder coating. That’s why we first grit blast the tub and tailgate to clean and mechanically etch the steel for good primer adhesion. Then they’re coated with zinc-rich primer prior to powder coating. Then comes the final baked-on powder coat application. The result is a durable, long lasting finish that looks good and protects your investment. Chemical dipping or solvent-wiping are common powder coat prep processes, but only grit blast prep earns the right to wear the TruckCraft logo.

Check out MAGNUM’s weight-saving aluminum sub frame- another reason why TruckCraft inserts are a cut above other dump inserts on the market today. The extruded T6 alloy subframe has TruckCraft’s standard two-bolt installation system built in so there are no extra mounting clamps or holes in your truck bed required for mounting. Advantages of T6 are that it has the same tensile strength as steel, so it is half steel’s weight but equal in strength, and is rust-free with no maintenance required. The T6 subframe is just one of the weight-saving components resulting in MAGNUM’s best-in-class 600 lb. weight.

MAGNUM is designed to be virtually maintenance-free. All five pivot points (two dump hinges and three cylinder pivots) have premium lubed-for-life bushings installed so there is no “grease” maintenance needed. In fact, an occasional washing, checking the hydraulic fluid level twice a year, and inspecting daily for debris or damage is all the maintenance MAGNUM ever needs to be dependable and well-groomed.

How about these additional features: Heavy #4 battery cables with a 150 amp re-settable circuit breaker are standard and factory installed. Three-quarter inch diameter stainless steel dump hinge pins are “over-designed” for safety. The three way tailgate has chain sleeves to protect the body finish, and has neoprene bushings on the ¾” diameter latch pins to prevent tailgate rattles. Optional cabguard, tarp kit, and salt spreader are available for the MAGNUM.

  • 2 year limited warranty
  • 2 models – fit standard 8′ bed, or shortbed pickups ( 6 1/2′)
  • 6,200 lb. dump capacity
  • 2.5 Cubic Yard capacity (5+ Yd. with sideboards)
  • 48.5″ x 99″ Cargo area
  • 150 amp resettable in-line circuit breaker safeguards power in, and also allows manually switching off power under hood to disable unattended insert.
  • 12 volt MONARCH HYDRAULICS™ Electro-Hydraulic system
  • 47 degree dump angle
  • Powder-coat Finish
  • Two welded stake pockets on front bulkhead, 8 on sides with tie down rail
  • Dumper weight- 6 1/2′- 558lbs, 8′- 632lbs
  • 27 second cycle time
  • 2-4 hour installation time.